At the Studio

After School Digital Arts Club

Every Tuesday to Thursday kids 9 or older will learn exciting new mediums with their computer while participating in creative projects. Different projects explore Digital Storytelling, Photography, Video, Graphic Design, Animation, Coding and Game Design.

All art supplies included PLUS a snack & drink. We have openings for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions. Please contact me for prices and availability.

Want to learn a little more about digital art before visiting the studio? Here are some helpful resources and examples.

Special Events and Workshops

Coming soon: Intro to Film

In part one of this workshop students will learn about the film production process. From screenwriting, to storyboarding, and then shooting to editing. In part two we will do some hands-on experimenting to understand the process better. We will brainstorm ideas to create a group storyboard together. Then we will learn more about iMovie and the editing process.

Coming soon: Create a Digital Work of Art

This class will appeal to those who like to draw or paint. In this workshop we will learn about scanning or photographing your artwork to edit on the computer. We will get acquainted with different tools in Photoshop that can be used to edit your work. In part two we will create our own fun fruit drawings using pencil and marker. We will scan those and then use Photoshop to create our own digital paintings!

To Be Announced: Introduction to HTML

This workshop will go over HTML and web design basics. We’ll learn about how web pages work and basic HTML tags. We will also go over web related graphic design and color combinations. This class is recommended for ages 12 and up.

Possible Future Event- Game Jam anyone?

A Game jam is a “hackathon” for video games- a group of us will gather and try to create a game within a short span of time. All ages would be welcome and even parents if they want to contribute! We would be looking for some participants who are knowledgeable in programming, game design, art, music, and writing. But all would be welcome please let me know if this is something you are interested in!

Here is some more information about game design for those who are curious.